The Possible Cause of Hair Loss in Women

Too Much Falling Hair and Balding? Discover the Possible Causes

Do you know that you lose at least a hundred hairs in a day? If you lose more, the cause could be one of the 50 related disorders. Which one is it?

Of course, there’s no better way of knowing than to consult a doctor. But, for starters, here are some possible reasons you’re experiencing from gradual balding.


Some are easily explained, while some require thorough diagnosis. But, whatever the cause, take comfort in the fact that good health and appropriate remedy can bring back your crown’s ‘glory’.

- Eating disorder

- Poor diet

- Weight loss

- Anaemia

- Stress

- Low iron level

- Thyroid disease

- Hormonal imbalance

- Pregnancy and childbirth

- Cancer medication

Follicles require a good dose of nutrients, proper blood circulation and well-functioning endocrine system to stay healthy. Without these, they are damaged easily; hence, thinning and falling.

The best thing to do then is to address the underlying problem. Eat well, get enough sleep, relax the mind and body, or seek medication for your illness. Gradually, the follicles are repaired and your mane regains its luscious look.


Since almost everything seems to have opposites or extremes, there could be more to your problem than stress or hormonal imbalance. The effect may be gradual; therefore, less visible. Nonetheless, it could still be distressing—especially if you take pride in your crowning glory.

- Androgenetic alopecia: the follicles react negatively to the normal production of male hormones, which is part of a genetic predisposition.

- Genetic hair loss: the follicles gradually become finer over the years, producing finer hair as well until they stop growing altogether.

You really won’t know whether the problem is inherited or not if you don’t talk with a specialist to obtain precise diagnosis and to rule out other factors. Then, he or she will suggest the best possible remedy.

In the past, hearing that you have a genetic disease or condition was already very distressing. There were fewer cures or medications to stop or minimise the alarming effects. However, these days, there are plenty of products developed to help you stay healthy despite an inherited illness. This gene-targeting technology aims for safe and natural way of achieving wellness.

At the same time, you can buy hair loss tonic treatment with botanical extracts and an active protein ingredient. The combination promotes the appearance of more luscious and thicker mane. Plus, it helps maintain scalp health.

The question is, “Should you go for DNA technology or hair loss tonic treatment?” Choosing shouldn’t be that hard. Pick both, considering that they’re natural and drug-free.