How Do Genetics Affect My Health?

Why DNA Testing Helps Those With Genetic Conditions

DNA testing is all over the news and on TV. You may associate it with uses such as paternity tests or genealogy research, but it also has many uses within the medical community, and much is being done to help people get diagnosed and treated for genetic disorders. Because we now understand a lot more about how DNA and genetics work, and know that many conditions get passed down through our genes, this means researchers can find ways to reverse certain processes. If you have family members who are considering surgical knee replacements, have allergies, or perhaps suffer from long term conditions, then there are various new products that might be able to help.

There are many issues that can be caused by genetics, and these can include:


Getting diagnosed by a professional is always the first stage of getting treatment, and it's important to see your doctor to get a proper diagnosis. They may refer you for DNA testing, and if you have genetic disorders in your family, this is sometimes done at birth so you may already know your risk level.


Once you get your diagnosis, you may be offered long term treatment, and it's important to look at your options and take medical advice. You may also want to look around for extra products such as supplements, which might be able to help with side effects such as fatigue.

In addition to your normal medication, you could look for:

Keeping an eye out

One reason why DNA testing and research is so great is that it can spot many potential problems before they even arise. If you have certain conditions that run in your family, then you may wish to find out your risk level beforehand so that you can look out for potential symptoms. For example, if someone in your family decides to have surgery for knee replacements because of joint issues, you can start looking for ways to avoid joint strain, could take supplements with extra calcium, and could see a doctor as soon as you experience certain pains.

Medical advice

It's important that before you take any supplements, or get DNA testing, that you seek medical advice. This will help ensure that the vitamins and minerals work OK with your usual medication, and that they'll help you on the path to recovery.

Prevention is always better than cure, which is why DNA testing and research is so important. By identifying ways that your body could go wrong, you can start working towards healing it now and can do your research. There are many different ways to get help if you have a genetic disorder, and sometimes more than one plan of attack that's needed. The sooner you can find out what potential issues you have, the sooner you can get help and decide what's best for you.