What Triggers the Development of Diabetes

Diabetes: What Causes This Disease?

One of the most common health conditions that people acquire, especially in the later stages in life, is having blood sugar levels that go beyond the normal limits. If you know someone with this disease, you would probably wonder how he developed that condition.

For one, this can be congenital or genetic in origin, which is classed under type 1 diabetes. If one of the parents or ancestors is known to have this, the offspring is most likely to develop it as well.

For type 2 diabetes, the causes can be linked to environmental factors, as well as hereditary. Having a body weight that is beyond the recommended range for one’s age and height can make a person highly susceptible to acquiring the disease.

Basically, the destruction of cells that promote the production of insulin or the body’s resistance to the action of the said pancreatic hormone will result in diabetes. The good news is that this development can be prevented or remedied. To learn of an innovative way of doing so, talk to the specialists at Genosante.